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-Westchester Warriors beat the Wonderland Wizards in the 2014 Doritos Squirt Fall Tune-Up Championship

-Wonderland Wizard Bantams overpower Rhode Island Hitmen
in the 2014 Doritos Fall Tune-Up Championship!

NJ Avalanche slap the Wonderland Wizards 5-1 in the 2014 Doritos Midget Minor
 Fall Tune-Up Championship! 

-NJ Avalanche Midget Major team comes back from down 4-2 to surprise Bear Mountain 5-4 in the 2014 Doritos Fall Tune-Up Championship!

-Jr. Isles Selects win 2-1 vs. Washington All-Stars in 2014  Doritos PW Spring Challenge Tournament Championship! 

IVA Stars (NJ) get revenge in 2-1 final over NL Hawks (Pittsburgh) in 2014 Doritos Squirt Spring Challenge Tournament!

-PAL Blue Knights hammer Donohue 7-1 in 2014 Doritos Bantam Spring Challenge Tournament championship!

-Spyder Selects surprise Protec Bombers 4-3 in thrilling final in 2014 Doritos Midget Spring Challenge Tournament!

-Team Doritos/Arby's Avalanche competed in the prestigious Quebec International Pee-Wee Hockey Tournament February 12-23 2014. The Tournament is annually attended by more than 2,250 competitors from over 15 countries and is the oldest and most prestigious youth hockey tournament in the world.

-Wizards beat Vipers 1-0 in Bantam Wales Division in 2013 Doritos Fall Tune-Up Tournament!

-Wizards beat Vipers 1-0 in 2013 Bantam Wales Division in Doritos Fall Tune-Up Tournament!

-Wizards A1 beat ECHO in Bantam Campbell Division in 2013 Doritos Fall Tune-Up Tournament!

-Whalers top Wizards in OT in Squirt Division in 2103 Doritos Fall Tune-Up Tournament!

-Wizards Midget Minor team defeats Cheektowaga Warriors in 2013 Doritos Fall Challenge championship

-2013 Spring Midget Doritos Cup-Congrats to the Jr. Pioneers (major) & the CT Weasels (minor) on their respective championships!

-Doritos CUP Hockey Tournament-Congrats to Team Doritos Bantams, 2012 champions 4-1!

-Doritos CUP Hockey Tournament-Congrats to Team Doritos PeeWees, 2012 champions 2-1! 

-Doritos CUP Midget MINOR hockey Tournament-Congrats to Team Doritos White, 2012 champions 5-3!

-Team Doritos Squirt and PW both win the 2012 Nutmeg games!

-Team Doritos PW Major finishes 2nd in the AAA North American Champions Cup in Las Vegas!

-Doritos Challenge Midget MINOR hockey Tournament-Congrats to the CT Weasels, 2012 champions 4-3 in OT!     

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